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You will first need to register and become part of our expert global panels. Once registered, you will start receiving relevant surveys depending on your specialty and the requirement. Once you have completed a survey, the honorarium will be credited to your m-panels Wallet. Simple!

Yes! Membership to the panel and access to m360 Research's online surveys are free of charge.

No. m360 Research collects this data to send you only the most relevant surveys to complete depending on the specialty you selected upon registering. You are under no obligation to complete a survey and can choose to opt out at any time.

This information will be available on the survey invite. On average, surveys are for 20-30 minutes.

The honorarium amount will be specified on each survey invite that you will receive. Honorarium paid out ranges from typically $3 to $8 USD per minute but this will vary depending on the topic.

We recommend sooner than later as there are other panelists who may fill the survey before you start. A message will be displayed informing you that you will not be allowed to take a survey if it is full.

Absolutely Not! Protecting your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We employ sophisticated technology to protect your personal information and we will never release your information.

You may update or modify your registration information by selecting the Account Settings button once you have logged in on our community portal.

You can contact us through the Contact section once you are logged in. Furthermore, you can send us an email on support@m-panels.com and we will be pleased to address any questions, suggestions or comments you may have.

We appreciate your participation in the panel and encourage you to remain part of our community. However, if you would like to unsubscribe from the m360 Research panel at any time, you may do so by: sending an email to us at support@m-panels.com.

Not at all. You're welcome to take a survey whenever you receive an invitation, but you're always free to ignore the message. You can always take another survey the next time you are invited

For each online survey we conduct there is a specific amount of respondents and people we are looking for. Sometimes we have more members respond than expected and reach our quota for the study quickly, which will close the survey link. We recommend you try to take the survey as soon as you can after receiving a notification.

We try to match your medical expertise and specialties to one of our research studies. When we find a study that fits your profile we will contact you either by email or phone to see if you qualify. We appreciate your participation and encourage you to continue to check your email for future opportunities!

Our honorarium payout is simple and convenient. Upon completion of each survey for which you are entitled to compensation, the amount earned will be shown to your m-panels Wallet. Typically, the compensation will be credited to your account 2 business days after you complete the survey.

Should there be an instance where you have not received or been rewarded the correct incentive amount, please contact us on - +1-844-260-8182 or write to us at support@m-panels.com and we will correct the situation as quickly as possible.