m-panels a unit of m360 Research Services (here "m-panels") invites potential respondents to participate in various activities including market research surveys (online, Telephonic, Face-to-Face etc.) on healthcare related topics. The survey-participants (here "Respondents") may, at the sole discretion of m-panels, be compensated for their participation in these surveys through reward points/cash-equivalent honorarium/gift or gift-card/service requests (here "Incentive"). The rules determining the incentive program are given below and m-panels reserves the right to alter the terms of the program or terminate it without any prior notice. These general rules will operate along with any terms and conditions specified in the invitation to participate.

Participation Criteria:

Wherever specifically mentioned, m-panels will pay an Incentive to the invited Respondent for successfully participating in its activities. A successful participation in any activity requires the Respondent to give responses to questions (wherever required) with honesty & to the best of their ability and complete the activity to the end as required. No incentive (if applicable) will be given to the Respondent in the below circumstances:

  • For completing only the screener section or having your responses end up in an "over-quota/full-quota" will not qualify the Respondent for an Incentive (if applicable), unless it is specified elsewhere in our communication with you in the corresponding invitation.
  • For misrepresenting your identity/credentials/workplace/job-title/role/specialization or in general your suitability for participating will result in your forgoing of the due incentive. You shall also be barred from receiving further invitations to participate if a pattern of misrepresentation is noticed.
  • In Surveys requiring single participation, if a Respondent participates multiple times, only one completion will be counted and paid accordingly. If a pattern of deliberate malfeasance emerges, the Respondent will be barred from future participation.
  • If the responses in a survey are noticed to be patently inaccurate or are inconsistent then the incentive amount may be forfeited.
  • In cases of "speeding" i.e. where the responses are found to be randomly or selected in a pattern to result in completing the survey in a minimum possible time, the incentive will be forfeited.
Incentive Types:

m-panels may choose to compensate the Respondents for their successful participation in any of the following ways or in any other way as may be determined at the time

  • Incentives will be sent to the respondent to the registered email address with m-panels account. The incentives will take 3-4 weeks to process and sent to the email after the survey closure
  • Incentives/honoraria redeemable either by Amazon gift card or pre-paid e-visa cards
  • Gift cards-Respondents may also be given gift cards of retailers of repute

In relation with their incentives, the Respondent is expected to comply with the tax / reporting rules of the appropriate authorities in the country of their residence / nationality / citizenship as applicable and m-panels will not be held liable for any breach of the same.

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